October 01, 2010

Renovations To Toad Cottage...

Okay, so apparently I've been offline for nearly a year. Hmmmm. Not promising for a blogger and writer. So, renovations to both the real Toad Cottage and the blog Toad Cottage will be simultaneous! (Will pause for cheering and hooting...) New and improved additions to what will be at least weekly posting, will be certain "rooms" or subjects. Here's what I'm thinking...
Monday posts:       Family Room where we discuss subjects relating to our family (and yours hopefully), and will include subjects relating to parenting, kids, transracial adoption, etc.
Tuesday posts:       The Salon where products will be reviewed and discussed. (ie. hair and skin products)
Wednesday postsThe Kitchen where we'll post devine recipes for families to make/enjoy together.
Thursday posts:      The Library where we will discuss/review new and old books to share.
Friday posts:          This is my "free day" where I can and will tackle more difficult subjects I'm thinking about.
Saturday posts:      The Telephone These will be rare due to the bustling atmosphere of Toad Cottage on weekends, but will be the Interview Post. I'll corner local and national folks and roundup their thoughts on various subjects.
Sunday posts:         The Yard where we'll kick around subjects relating to our natural world, how we fit into it, thoughts on what we can do to fit into it in a more responsible way, etc.

Please feel free to send me your ideas via comments! Looking forward to "chatting" with you soon. The renovations should be complete by the end of October!

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