December 07, 2010

Those Darned Holiday Cards!

Hi all,

Well, time has sufficiently sped by without my paying the least bit of attention, and holiday card time is nearly past! I still have some cards left in the attic from 15 yrs. ago depicting Santa in red trunks lying underneath a decorated palm tree, but they just don't give the sentiment I want. (Now a card with Mrs. Claus dressed in ratty sweatpants, an old t-shirt, an apron covered in flour, and large bags under her eyes might be more appropriate!) So the lovely folks at Shutterfly are offering 50 free holiday cards to bloggers, and I'm going for it! (You can get some too if you are a blogger right here. )

When we threw my parents a 50th Wedding Anniversary party 2 summers ago, it was Shutterfly that helped us with a photo party invitation that knocked everyone's socks right off! My mom teared up when she saw it, which was exactly the reaction we were going for. Got them a photo book, too, that collected photos from before they were married up until that day and it is beautiful. But I digress - back to the current challenge....

Right. So now we have to pick the style (waaaaaaaaaay too many gorgeous ones to choose from and the photo or photos to go on it! Hmmmmm. We had a photo shoot here at home. Did you hear the complaining and fighting from where you are? I was ready to break out a fire hose, but we got 3 okay shots of the girls in front of the absolutely exquisite quilt that our friend Julie made and raffled for us to bring our little one home from Ethiopia. Take a peek. What do you think?

Of course I picked a completely lovely style on Shutterfly that takes 3 photos, so now I must either force them into reasonably good looking outfits and go out to our favorite garden store (Churchills' in Exeter) to take some other pictures (Good luck, Mommy.) or pick some from the fall. I wanted to include the shot of the girls' playing in vibrant colored wigs and bathing suits, but K has threatened to move out on her own (she's 9) if I do. Should I force her hand? :)

Anyway, it's very exciting being able to use real printed photo Christmas cards for the first time in our family! I sure do love Shutterfly, and am thrilled that they are offering us the cards this year. They're smart, because they know that I will be hooked for every holiday season hereafter! Please do hop on over to the Shutterfly site. They have really wonderful cards for every occasion and great photo gifts. I'll post my final choice for our cards later this week!

Stay tuned for a Cool Holiday Gift list coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! How lucky you are!! ;D