November 09, 2006


Yep, it's true. Finally, after a million new gray hairs, we got a call today telling us that we must be in Addis on the 4th of December for an embassy appt.

Here's the kicker.... now, don't get me wrong - I am supremely grateful for dates. However, because of the delay we are now traveling during the high season for Ethiopian travel. Flights are mostly completely booked leaving us with the choice of paying nearly $1000 more per ticket for business class or staying 2 weeks. Honeybun is so upset at me leaving and after a looooooong talk with a child psychologist, we've decided to streeeeeeeeetch our teeny finances and take the higher fare. I can't be traveling on Honeybun's birthday. Just can't do it.

I am grateful for my 2nd daughter, can't wait to get my mommy hands on her, can't wait to see the girls united finally, and love both of my princesses, but I cannot wait to be done with our agency. I'm so very disappointed in their practices of late and their disorganization. It makes me sad to know that the children are suffering due to their cavelier attitude.

On a happier note, here's a picture of Honeybun after carving her very first pumpkin, and one of Sweetpea just 2 weeks ago taken by a wonderful mom that went to get her own child!