June 12, 2008

Hello! No, I haven't been stolen by gypsies, joined the Foreign Legion, or disappeared into a crack in the earth. End of school, etc. has been keeping us hopping. So, in the meantime, until next week when life will slow down to less than warp speed, I've tweaked the montages and made them into DVD's . Take a peek here if you like.

and, of course, here.

Next week I'll be addressing the issue of diversity (or lack of same) in NH public schools, and how we as parents/educators should deal with this. Lots to say on this and will be interested to see what others experienced and have to say. See you then! Meanwhile, my little girl is graduating from kindergarten on Monday! EEEEK! What happened to my teeny baby? Hard to believe that I can love my daughters this much and not explode with the force of 3 million super novas.