December 18, 2006

Hi all,

Sorry I have not posted yet, and will post the whole story but must wait a bit until I have brain function. We still seem to be on Ethiopia time, so I'm running on about 1.5 or 2 hrs. of sleep a night. Not enough. Hopefully will have more energy and powers of concentration in a couple of days. Meanwhile, the little one is a treasure and adores her big sister. The big sister adores her baby sister right back, but is experiencing some jealousy issues. Hmmmm. More later. Here are a couple of pictures to tide you over! The christmas one is one of 10 that are either blurry, girls looking like refugees from a mental intitution, picking noses, fighting, etc. Oh well. Will try again later. haha The first picture is at 2:30 am the night we got in from the airport! They sure look better than I did!