July 12, 2007

The Path to Insanity is Paved With Good Intentions...

So. I meant well when I promised that there was more to come. Honestly. My intentions were admirable, but life has gotten in the way. The kiddies are just snazzy and doing well. They are still exhibiting undeniably annoying behavior, but I'm assured by other moms of siblings that their antics are normal. And still annoying. :) The daily circus here at Toad Cottage (we have recently bought the house we have been living in for 10 years, and named it Toad Cottage because of the herds of toads hopping around constantly. Our yard teems with them and the larger of them, who I'm sure smoke and wear matching leather jackets, live under the garage.) includes Sweetpea waking at 5 am & then making darn sure that everyone is awake with her, up to 2 hour crying jags over fashion choices for the day from both Sweetpea and Honeybun, the traditional throwing of jelly covered bagels or spitting of cereal milk (guess who?), terrorizing the ancient kitty, screaming fights while mommy takes a blessed 5 minutes in the shower, etc. Frankly, I hear the strains of Barnum & Bailey's theme before I even open my eyes in the morning! The riot aside though, I adore my family and my daughters are the very light of my existence.

Healthwise, we have been on the upside, thank goodness. Sweetpea is actually swimming (In her floaty bathingsuit, but still swimming) and has had an "ouchy" ear lately. Dr. assures me it is not infected, so I've taught her the dancing on one foot while bending your head to drain ear trick. It is absolutely hysterical! Honeybun, having grown a foot in 2 years, is turning into quite the athlete. She's in tennis camp this summer and is really having a great time.

Rats, geriatric kitty is shrieking. Will have to return later. Meanwhile, here are a couple of pictures.....


Nomadic One said...

Great update! Fun pics! Glad to hear all is well except for the annoyingness (is that a word?). Hope to see you in a few short weeks! :)


Tanya said...

I'm not sure if I've commented before. I love catching up with your goings on and am glad to see that the girls look happy (even if the mornings tell a different story).

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about the crying spells over clothing choices. When I brought my 3 year old daughter home in March she would do the same thing. I was totally shocked that a 3 year old could care that much about clothing. She would also do the same thing about my choice of hairstyles for her. :-) Luckily, now that we have been home for a while she does not cry about the clothes I pick out for her if she does not like them -- she just turns her nose up instead. LOL.

Chris & Michelle Sapp said...

I stimbled upon your blog, and have to say, your girls are truly beautiful! Their smiles light up my computer screen! How blessed you all must be!

Mom to Mateo, 4
Natalia, 2.5
adopted from Kazakhstan Dec. '05