January 21, 2008

Have been out due to several reasons: head injury on my part, exhaustion, kids sick, family stuff... I know, not valid reasons for being absent. I will post later this evening on the topic of Dr. King, racism, teaching this topic at kindergarten (or NOT), etc. Must talk with kindergarten teacher first as the school and admin. is not concerned about the effect of their little show on my daughter. (Yes, I am mad. Look out school folk! :) )


Nomadic One said...

Dear B...I can't wait to hear the Dr. King story and how you are handling the "school folk". Aarrgghh. We discussed Dr. King the other day at length...I played a part of his famous "Dream" speech for Munchkin and she was really mesmerized. Do share more details as I will be taking notes.

And, just fyi...a head injury (and the other things) ARE valid excuses for not blogging. Don't fret...your loyal readers are still here! (and now that I updated my browser I subscribe to your feed--so easy!).

Hugs to the girls!


Sassy said...

Two beautiful girls. :)