March 07, 2008

Sorry kids, cannot concentrate. Breast biopsy is scheduled for monday morning and I just can't seem to focus on anything til' after I get the results. If you're the praying kind, please offer one for me? If not, I could really use your crossed fingers. Thanks, and I'll talk to you on Tuesday.



Teej said...

You have my thoughts and my crossed fingers. I always tell my friends not to worry unless they find out they have something to worry about. Better to concentrate on the here and now, the things in front of you, than what may or may not happen in a few days. Easier said than done, I know, but that line of thinking sometimes helps me.


Verbenabeth said...

Thanks, Teej. Very good advice and I'm trying. My grandmother died a long and not too pretty death from breast cancer, so I'm a little nervous. I know that my risk is low though, so trying to relax. HAH! Have eaten far too many girl scout cookies!!! :)

Nomadic One said...

Dear one, you already know you have my good thoughts and prayers. I think, though, that it would be better to munch on pizza while you wait as there is much less sugar to make you jittery and worry-y than what is in a GS cookie! ;) And there's cheese...cheese has got to help, right? Fingers, toes and everything crossed for you...I hope to chat w/you on Monday night.


Lisa W. said...

I am the praying kind........just did it! Blessings. I love your girls!