April 23, 2008

Urgent Breaking News:

Cool Hair Discovery!

What a week it's been! Ok, a couple of weeks but who's counting? Pardon me while I put a little 'X' for today on the calendar.
Well, after much research, Columbo-style investigation, gnashing of teeth, and general hysterics by the younger set here at Toad Cottage (We named our little house when we bought it after the gigantic toad that lives in our trash closet connected to the garage. He kindly lets us rent space in the closet to store our trashbags that await the lovely yellow truck collecting them once a week.), I have found hair products that truly work miraculously on my daughters' hair! (The bath water parted, light shone in a sparkling arc over the tub, and choirs of angels struck up a tune...) I stumbled upon a company called Mixed Chicks over at http://www.mixedchicks.net/curlyhairproducts.html and they generously sent me some samples. We received their shampoo, deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. Fabulous results ensued!!! Both girls love the scent. I'm very sensitive to smells so I was skeptical, but these products really smell darn good! We used the Mixed Chicks style suggestion and did Honeybun's hair in double twists, sat her under our "Beauty Shop dryer" (a pink table top dryer), and then let the twists go. She absolutely loved the ringlet style to her hairdo, and we kept it going for a whole week by putting a silk hairnet on her head at night. Sweetpea is going through another bout of tantrums and could only sit reasonably still for a ponytail. Oh well. I am ordering more of the Mixed Chicks products and recommend them very highly to those of you that have curly hair yourselves or Ethiopian children.


Nomadic One said...

OMGosh! Look at Honeybun's cute new 'do! Gorgeous! Can't wait to have a need for the new product find, B!! :)


sourpatchbaby said...

I like her hairdo! It's cute. I was actually coming over to send you a link to a site that I found. It's about a mom that adopted two girls from haiti and it's basically all about their hair and how to handle that type of hair. I thought that it might help you as well since like you, the mom has caucasian hair and had never dealt with that kind of hair before. It's http://braidsbeadstruth.wordpress.com/