July 04, 2008

Independence Day from Hair Horror

Well, I know it is a definate and rather selfish departure from the discussion of diversity in schools I had planned, but today being Independence Day and all.....

A pair of lovely blogs I read (here: http://whoorl.com/ and here: http://mooshinindy.com/ ) are doing a fabulous contest and the randomly chosen winner gets a hair makeover! (I am not a lucky person, but still hold out hope that I will be made over into a long, curly haired person!) So, here is my entry.

Though I am loathe to admit it, here is what my hair looked like in my "Ugly Years". Now don't laugh because you know we all have them! Mine just lasted a bit longer than I would have hoped.

This one is me relatively recently, though I just had a run-in with a far too overzealous stylist enamored with razorcutting.

Now, I am aware that making over a short haircut is more than a challenge, but surely I can count on all of you to collectively cross your fingers that I might win this thing. I will offer my head in a no-holds-barred challenge. Honeybun has suggested going for a lively pink shade. Hmmmmm.

1 comment:

Nomadic One said...

You ARE so cute and you WERE so cute, too! Those could not possibly have been your "ugly years"! And you barely look older than that first pic, too, btw.

Jealously yours...I mean, Love ya,