January 25, 2009

Congratulations America!

Though I am fighting a horrible virus, I just have to quickly post and say how proud I am of my country. It is so inspiring that WE elected the man we wanted to represent us. The groundswell of excitement for Mr. Obama gave me goosebumps, and just when I was so tired of smug, rich, compromised white men pretending to stand for all of us - in walked a man that resonated with my very soul. I don't know him or his family personally. I was lucky enough to work for his campaign in my state, and to shake his hand with my youngest daughter when he came to New Hampshire in the very beginning. I have withstood questionable comments about my daughters' color, watched years of descrimination, segregation, the insidious undercurrent of racism in my section of the country, and "jokes" made even by my friends involving color, race, religion, or origin. But with this step of electing Mr. Obama, we have stepped beyond all of that. We have stepped out of the smog and into real light and possibility. I hope that that light can shine on the cockroaches that I know still exist among us, and expose them to what can be if we leave behind all of our jealosy and hate.

I'm proud of my country, and of our new president. Like I said, I don't know him personally, but I do know what he has given up to serve as our leader. I'm proud that there was a man that comes from a solid family and a foundation of community that wanted to lead us. I stand with you, Mr. Obama, and may all the subversive forces in the world step back in awe of the power of the people.

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