April 17, 2006

Well, not much to post today. We had a fabulous Easter (Kali's first), with the beautiful "princess" Easter dress, egg hunt in the morning, special prayers for spring/faraway Grandma/everyone that is sick or lonely (Kali's ideas), the try at church, and brunch out. Kali was so happy I thought she'd fly right off the face of the earth. This is Kali in her dress and hat. The pink flower on the hat doesn't really show, but she kept taking the hat off and smelling the flower!

On the adoption front, we've finished our subsidy form for the agency and will send it tomorrow. Hoping for a big one, but will settle for anything at this point! This week will begin work on gathering all the documents AGAIN for the agency requirements. I really have to admit that I'm a little p.o.'d that they cannot use the very same ones we submitted just last year for the first adoption, but will bite the bullet and do it all again if I must. I suppose I might as well order 5 certified birth certificate copies at once so I can cover all bases for the next few years! (Laughter with a tinge of hysteria...) The agency has very kindly asked the Ethiopian program in-country if they will reduce the fee for us, so cross your fingers. I hate to do that as I know the $$ goes only to the upkeep of the orphanage, but will have to donate later instead. So, now is the bookwork stage. Hopefully it will go quickly so that we can get Freweyne home faster. I haven't mentioned any of this to Kali. I just don't want to rock her boat needlessly if something stops this from happening, but in the car the other day - out of the blue - she said "I wish my sister could come live with us." Floored me! She just might get her wish!

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Blair said...

She is so beautiful! Kudos to you and I hope she does get her wish.