April 21, 2006

Spring has sprung and I find myself looking at babies with a renewed interest! Good grief, I thought after our loooooooong struggle to find Kali that a baby in our house was not a possibility. Now here we are fighting tooth & nail to bring Kali's sister home. From what I can see, 16 months is a pretty cool age and one that Kali will love to "mentor". LOL Still in the paperwork stage as we must fill out all the forms, get all the certified copies, etc. again. Well, it's worth it if this works, right? I am searching out all kinds of ways to make the financial aspect work. The latest is that I have become a rep for Planetjill, a line of photo jewelry based in California. Very cool that I can work from home, sell by wearing my own pieces, have parties, or people can order from the website and give my name (Beth Gallagher) as rep. By the way, the site is http://www.planetjill.com/index.html just in case you're interested! (wink wink...)

Well, too pooped to pop as my Nana used to say, so must twirl off to bed. Will write more tomorrow!

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Hello??? Update please...inquiring minds want to know what's new!