May 04, 2006

Quick update, as per orders from reader. (You know who you are, darling! :))

Sadly, the agency refuses to decrease the fees. This, as you know, may be a deal breaker, but we will toil on to find some way to finance Freweyne's homecoming. I was told by a very spiritual person today that we were meant to be a family and to trust that the $$ will come. Hmmmm. Powerball is not complying. We are still trying though, and wading through the paperwork yet again.

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Anonymous said...

Darn it...I really thought they would do something about the $$. I'm sorry. I do believe, however, that this WILL work and that you WILL get that little baby home one way or another. It just seems so right and meant to be...for all of you but most especially for Kali.

Thanks for updating! ;)

Hugs...miss you.